Last Update:


Belle received her second cochlear implant in February of 2008. Since receiving her new speech processor, she has been doing incredibly well with her speech and language. Belle has tested within age-appropriate ranges in most areas of her speech and was pleased to be honored as a graduate of the Auditory Verbal Center of Atlanta at the annual holiday party in December. Belle started Kindergarten at Landmark Christian School in Fairburn, GA this August and has loved every minute! She enjoys all of her friends and seems to be a social butterfly in most situations. Belle has begun to learn to read. Each time she brings home a classroom reader for homework, she wants to sit down and show off her skills immediately when she gets home! This entire process is a dream come true for us as her parents. When we received her diagnosis of hearing loss four years ago, we were terrified of dreaming that she would be able to hear well, establish friendships, thrive in a regular classroom, and do well academically. All of these dreams are coming true for our Belle. We are so grateful to God who gives us the strength and energy to keep up with Belle and all of her needs. My favorite memory of this year will always be during Christmas at Grandma’s house, Belle noticed an ornament on the tree that had a verse printed on it. She began reading, “Unto you a child is born. Unto you a son is given.”  Praise God for the amazing things he has done.